20 Engine Swaps Every Car Enthusiast Needs To See

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Engine swapping is often a love or hate ordeal. Some people love engine swaps as they can result in incredible power increases or because they can create some real odd-ball cars. On the other hand, engine swaps will ruin the car’s originality. After all, there are only so many cars in the world, and every engine swap will result in one less original example of the car. Such modifications can greatly reduce the value of a vehicle.

However, there are many examples of original cars out there, and they’re usually not nearly as interesting as engine swapped cars. After all, every engine swap has a story behind it, and there’s a reason why such strange combinations are created. On top of that, there are many near-identical stock cars that all blend together. If there’s one way to make a car stand out, it’s by dropping a mismatching motor under the hood.

Of course, some engine swaps have lost their bite these days. Chevy LS V8 transplants have practically become a meme for how common they are. Even though there are many good reasons to perform an LS swap, it has simply become old-hat for those who keep an eye on the modification world. However, there are far more interesting and unusual swaps that exist. Here are 20 insane engine swaps, with a few of the most interesting LS swaps.

20 Cummins Miata

The Mazda Miata is a tiny, lightweight convertible that is very easily modified. Engine swaps are almost compulsory for those looking to heavily modify their Miata. There are even companies whose entire business model revolves around dropping big V8 motors into their customer’s little roadsters. If there’s a perfect type of motor for the Miata, it would be one that’s light and revs high. In that regard, the absolute antithesis of a good Miata engine would be a Cummins diesel motor.

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